Industrial High Pressure Leak Repair
36 inches 150 # Butterfly Valve Housing
36" butterfly valve leaking steam/black liquor under 150 lb. Our repair prevented a COMPLETE PLANT SHUT DOWN.

Best Success Rate in the Business

SOS is a three-generation business.We seal high pressure steam, gas and acid leaks. We seal basically any pressure piping that springs a leak. We work while the leak is under maximum pressure and flow. We show up with the right manpower, experience, knowledge and tools, and concentrate on just that one thing.

Our ability to work under high pressure provides a huge savings for any type of plant that has pressurized piping — paper mills, refineries, ethanol refineries, sugar beet plants, city steam distribution systems, power plants, hospitals — because we allow your plant to prevent emergency shut downs.

Whether it's process, steam, condensate, water, acids or caustics, we'll help you keep it all in the pipe.

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