Industrial High Pressure Leak Repair
SOS founder Jim Carter.

About SOS

Jim Carter started the company in 1987 as a successor to United Leak Control, a business that he and his father launched in 1975. Since then SOS has become well known and highly regarded for its work — which is simple: SOS seals leaks under full-flow conditions.

Our clients have included paper mills, oil refineries, power plants, municipal steam distribution systems, agricultural refineries and a wide variety of industrial facilities. SOS originally worked primarily in the upper Midwest but now does business all over the U.S., with an occasional venture outside the country.

SOS has the best success rate in the business. The company's founder says, "As far as I know we are the only people to have a successful method for sealing leaking vessel manway doors, and we offer maintenance systems for valve packing by modifying the valves for injectable packing."

The company also has a proud history of working safely, with never a recordable injury.

Jim started out as a pipefitter, having completed his apprenticeship through the United Association in 1974. In 1992-93, he was instrumental in the setup and training of a Leak Seal Class for journeymen members of the Pipefitters Union in Phoenix, Arizona.

Today, Jim and his son Jake Carter own and operate SOS with crews sealing leaks throughout the Midwest at Paper Mills, Oil Refineries, Power Plants, City Steam Distribution Systems, Agriculture Industry Refineries and various manufacturing facilities.

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