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How to repair pipe flange leak?

Flanges connect piping and components together in a system by the use of bolts connections. This type of connection eases the dissassembling and separation of piping and equipment for repair and regular maintenance. Placing a gasket between the two flanges and compressing the gasket using bolt tensioning techniques forms the typical flang joints. When a leak developes, attempting to tighten these bolts does not always stop the leak. However, there are many leak sealing techniques and procedures that have proven successful in terminating flange leaks. SOS repairs flanges by the multi wire wrap procedure, the brasswire procedure nad by a designedtongue, blade, insert, or outside diameter clamp . Please contact us for further information about the on-line leak repair jobs.

Case #F001

Flange Clamp
Industry Pulp and Paper
Feed Temprature 400 Farenheit
Feed Pressure 2800 PSI
Leak Type Stage Heater Flange
Size 35 Inch
Length N/A Feet
Solution 35" Clamp
Turnaround 14 days
Length Of The Job 1 day
Pipe Flange Leak
Fig1. Flange Leak
Clamp Housing
Fig2. Flange Clamp Housing
Flange Clamp Housing
Fig3. Final Result
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