Industrial High Pressure Leak Repair
We've engineered a variety of custom housings, flanges and clamps to help us get into — and out of — tight situations.

Custom Engineering Solutions

Because there's no hardware store out there supplying handy parts for high-pressure leak sealing, we have a staff of on-call design engineers. They have the know-how and experience to meet all industry standards on clamps and housings.

We've taught ourselves to design and custom manufacture our own solutions. The kinds of problems that demand creative engineering are typically leaking flanges, valve bodies, and elbows in awkward positions. We'll create specialized enclosures, housings and clamps to isolate these problem areas.

1.5 inches Valve Housing
6 inches Flange to Flange Enclosure
14 inches 150 PSI Butterfly Valve Enclosure
Elbow Enclosure Flange to Line

We've engineered a variety of custom housings and clamps to help us seal difficult leaks.

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