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What is carbon fiber pipe wrapping?

Carbon Fiber wrap is an efficient, permanent technique that can be used to repair different kinds of pipe defects. In comparison with traditional methods, composite wrap is more cost effective. Different types of wrapping products are available in the market. Even though using this service can stop all cost and consequences of replacing or killing the line, it should be implemented using good material and under professional supervision. SOS prepares required material from the best suppliers in the world.Please contact us for further information about the on-line leak repair jobs.

Case #C001

This was implemented on 6" BFW line in the BOHO that was thining and springing pinhole leaks in multiple spots. The line had to stay in service! SOS was able to mitigate the leaking and make an engineered carbon fiber repair plus restoration. This allowed the refinery to keep running "still running".

Carbon fiber Wrapping
Industry Multinational Refinary Company
Feed Temprature 135 Farenheit
Feed Pressure 75 PSI
Leak Type Pipe Thinning_Elbow Leak
Size 6 Inch
Length 30 Feet
Solution 4 Ply of DIAMONDWRAP
Turnaround 10 days
Length Of The Job 1/2 day
On Stream Pipe Leak
Fig1. Inspection
Pipe Cleaning
Fig2. Cleaning
Carbon Fiber Wrapping
Fig3. Carbon Wrapping
Carbon Fiber Wrapping
Fig4. Final Look

Case #C002

In this case, support piers were shifted during the flood and damaged waste water pipes. Sewage was from the pulp and paper mill waste. This was polluting a stream which is connected to the river of city of Cloquet. Repair achieved with hybrid carbon fiber wrap which consists of layers of carbon fiber and fiber glass. Hybrid carbon fiber wraps are not only cheaper but also utilizes the advantages of entailed materials.

Carbon fiber Wrapping (ductile Iron)
Industry Waste Water
Feed Temprature Ambient Farenheit
Feed Pressure Head Pressure PSI
Leak Type Hole in the Waste Water Pipe
Size 40 Inch
Length Feet
Solution 4 ply Hybrid Wrap
Turnaround 4 days
Length Of The Job 2 day
Hybrid Carbon Fiber Wrap
Fig1. Inspection
Hybrid Carbon Fiber Wrap
Fig2. Hybrid Carbon Fiber Wrap

Case #C003

Carbon fiber Wrapping (Wastewater System)
Industry Waste Water
Feed Temprature 90 Farenheit
Feed Pressure Head Pressure PSI
Leak Type Hole in the Waste Water Pipe (Carbon Steel)
Size 42 Inch
Length Feet
Solution Composite Wrap
Turnaround 4 days
Length Of The Job 1 day
Fig1. Carbon Fiber Wrap View 1
Fig2. Carbon Fiber Wrap View 2
Fig3. Carbon Fiber Wrap View 3
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