Industrial High Pressure Leak Repair
Superior, WI : Iso Butane Hydrofluoric Acid Exchanger

Case Studies

Leak sealing is the business of keeping process facilities up and running without costly shutdowns. SOS has proven answer for virtually all types of pipe leaks. SOS has all of the required experience to create clamp designs for odd geometry repair projects.

Our innovative staff has had to invent much of the tooling, material and safety gear we use. To learn more about projects that was done by SOS, first find the service that interest you. Then you can find a story of how SOS is making differences in profitability and productivity in different industries.

SOS provides its clients with the comfort of knowing that steam, water, air and process leaks can be repaired with the clients’ systems fully operational. SOS has employees on call, fabrication shops, materials and the manpower to measure, fabricate and install the clients repair quickly and efficiently.

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