Industrial High Pressure Leak Repair

Our Remarkable Safety Record

Date: 10/04/2019

Online leak repair is a dangerous business. The materials, pressures, and situations involved are all hazardous so safety is a serious issue. SOS has never had a lost-time injury, and we plan on keeping it that way.

We've had three decades to run into every possible leakage situation and figure safe repairs. The safety awards we've received — from the Minnesota Safety Council, the North Dakota Safety Council and the Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety, among others — are evidence of our serious commitment to on the job safety. And we belong to several professional organizations to hone our best-practice methods. At SOS, training takes precedence. An important attribute of any new hire is mechanical ability, field expediency or situational awareness, and a good measure of it is required.

To minimize any possible job site hazards, we have a full-time safety director. We're proud of our 30 plus years of safe and successful leak repairs.

NDSC Membership Certification 2019
North Dakota Safety Council Membership Certification

NSF Composite Wrap Pipe Restoration at Water Treatment Plant

Date: 06/5/2019

We did this job at a water treatment plant that serves about 1.3 million people in Illinois. To follow regulations, we installed our NSF certified composite for pipe restoration.

All the pipe was in extremely poor condition. There was extreme external pack rust, pitting, section loose, and rusting that was visible. The pack rust was so extreme that water was leaking from some of the areas. Even the Ultrasonic gauge was not able to give on accurate reading for majority of the time because of the level of pack rust.

Composite wrap is the best solution for restoring pipes at mentioned condition. Why?

  • It is odorless and solvent free, durable, impervious to fuel, most chemicals and solvent
  • It bonds to a wide variety of surfaces such as metals, composite, concrete, plastic and woods
  • It meets the requirement of ASME PCC-2 standard and is certified to ANSI/NSF Standard

To wrap the pipe with composite first we clean the equipment to be restored. Then we wrap the pipe with the composite.

37’ of 12” + 16” Pipe with Tee and Reducer
30’ of 6ea 10” Long Sweep Elbow Pipe
30’ of 14” Pipe with Tees + Elbows
47’ of 20” Pipe with Tees + Elbows

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Water Treatment Plant Pipe Corrosion
Water Treatment Plant Elbow Pipe Corrosion
Water Treatment Plant Long Sweep Elbow Pipe
Water Treatment Plant TEE Pipe Corrosion
Water Treatment Pipe Corrosion Restoration
NSF Certified Composite Wrap Repair

Join us in Indianapolis at FEW (booth #1107)

Date: 06/11/2019

We are at the 2019 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo in Indianapolis. We would be glad to introduce you with the most recent technologies for leak sealing at booth #1107.

FEW 2019
FEW 2019
FEW 2019

And the Minnesota Safety Awards Goes to:

Date: 05/07/2019

We are thrilled to announce that we are the recipient of Minnesota Safety Award in 2018! Receiving this award for several years in a row is a proof of our commitment to job safety and quality.

Why is this very important?

We have a tradition of “Safety Comes First” that is woven into the fabric of everything we do. All SOS employees, from welders, technicians, to our management team, are committed to make sure our service is of the highest quality and all leak repair processes comply with our safety rules. SOS leak repair products are subjected to a series of quality testing to ensure we are meeting customer requirements.

Do you want to take a closer look at what SOS does?

This video shows our experienced leak sealing technicians and engineered repairs of pipe and concrete leaks done safely and professionally.

We want to give a big thank you to Minnesota Safety Council for recognizing our effort and honoring us with this award. We are and we will continue to be dedicated to providing our leak repair solutions in the safest way with the best quality worldwide.

Minnesota Safety Council Award 2018
Awards of Honor from Minnesota Safety Council 2018

Hot Well crack repair using Carbon Fiber Wrap

Date: 04/17/2019

We did the Hot Well concrete restoration at a facility in Wisconsin using Carbon Fiber Wrap. This hot well is used for storage of steam heat condensate water. Operational temperatures range from 180 to 210 degrees F. The concrete containment wall was cracked and was leaking in several places with running water in a few locations. The crack went through the entire thickness of the concrete wall and across 2/3 of the wall length and around the corner for 3 feet.

The hot well was drained of water to stop the flow of water through the cracks. This also allowed for the temperature of the well to go down to a workable level for epoxy resin. Surface preparation was done using a dry ice blaster to remove all loose material from the surface of the concrete. The surface was inspected to assure there were no areas contaminated with oils and there were none.

The crack in the concrete was inspected and it was found to go completely through the wall thickness. The crack width ranged from a few thousands to over .080 inch. A two-part epoxy gel formulated expressly for filling cracks was selected from SOS inventory and pumped into the crack. The crack was sealed from the inside to allow for complete filling of the crack void. This is especially important for the corner where there was no continuous support of the concrete wall at all.

With the crack filled and the wall now properly supported, the rest of the wall was examined for pits, voids and missing material. This was especially important in corners where the wall meets the ceiling, floor and the adjacent wall. SOS has an epoxy mix that is a very stiff, thick consistency suitable for wetting and filling these voids and allows for shaping into large radius fillets for inside corners.

After that carbon fiber cloth covered thoroughly with epoxy was placed on the concrete wall. Please contact us to learn more about our unique techniques and methodologies for concrete leak repairs.

Concrete Leak Repair
Concrete Hot Well Leaking
Concrete Leak Repair with Carbon Fiber Wrap
Hot Well Leak Repair using Carbon Fiber Wrap

Leak Repair and Pipe-Freezing to Replace on-line Valves and Gaskets

A customer called SOS to help with repairing two blown out butterfly valve gaskets on cooling water lines with no isolation from main header.

To use Pipe-Freezing method in the most efficient way, first we installed two valve housings to seal the leaks and stop the flow. Next, we installed two freeze plugs simultaneously. Once freeze plugs were in place, we removed the two valve housings. With the freeze plugs isolating the valves from the header the customer was able to successfully install new valves and gaskets.After the valves were installed, we removed our freeze apparatus and the ice plugs thawed.

We have experienced crews who are cross trained in multiple services to provide you with the best solutions efficiently. This coupled with our excellent safety record makes us unique.

Valve Housing Clamp
Installing Valve Housing
Valve Housing in Place
Valve housing in Place
Copper Tubing
Copper Tubing
Freezing with Nitrogen
CO2 Jacket
CO2 Jacket
Valve Replacing By Customer
Valve Replacing By Customer
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