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Our Professional Affiliations

As a part of our strong commitment to on the job safety, we proudly team up with other industry veterans to share our knowledge base and learn others' best-practice methods. Here is a list of some of the professional organizations we partner with:


ISNetworld is a global resource the connects businesses with safe, reliable contractors/suppliers. They collect conformance information from contractors and suppliers, verify its accuracy, and provide the results to its members.

PEC Premier

PEC provides standardized, accredited safety and skills training to the oil and gas contractor workforce, and online standardized forms for reporting safety information from Contractor to Operator.

Safety Management Inc

SMI offers an array of OSHA compliance services, including safety program development, employee safety training and jobsite safety inspections.

National Safety Council

The National Safety Council is committed to helping its members prevent unintentional injuries and deaths by providing knowledge and resources to reduce risks, engage employees, measure progress and continuously improve their safety management systems.

Minnesota Safety Council 2011

The mission of the Minnesota Safety Council is to make Minnesota a safer and healthier place to live by helping members prevent unintentional injuries.

ND Safety Counc1l

The North Dakota Safety Council is a non-government, not for profit, membership-supported organization. With more than 850 member companies representing all sizes of all industries, the NDSC is an active participant in influencing safe work practices all across North Dakota.


The Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety (ECCS) is a group of North Dakota energy companies working together to achieve workplace safety excellence through standardized workplace safety practices, training, and drug screening of energy industry contractor employees.

Lignite Energy Council

The Lignite Energy Council recognizes and honors individuals and companies for their dedication to the lignite industry and safes industrial practices


The Wisconsin Safety Council is the state's leading provider of safety training and programming. Over 4,000 members take advantage of WSC training offered at many locations around the state.

American Coalition for Ethanol

ACE is a non-profit, membership-based organization of more than 1,500 members nationwide, including: ethanol producers, farmers, investors, the agriculture community, industry suppliers, rural electric cooperatives, and others supportive of the increased production and use of ethanol across America.

Montana Petroleum Association, Inc.

The Montana Petroleum Association, Inc. is a voluntary, non-profit trade association, whose members include oil and natural gas producers, gathering and pipeline companies, petroleum refineries and service providers and consultants.